Shoshoni Schools

Shoshoni Schools , about 20 hours ago

This morning we had an accidental push of one of our panic buttons that put the school in lockdown. The accidental push turned out to be a good drill for all staff and students. It provided the district an opportunity to evaluate processes and protocols. Please take the time to visit with your child about the drill. If you have specific questions please contact us at 876-2583.

Nicole Biltoft

Nicole Biltoft , 1 day ago

Final Youth Volleyball Itinerary for Monday October 5th...Thanks for a Great Season Everybody!!!!!

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Shoshoni Schools

Shoshoni Schools , 2 days ago

Good morning Wrangler Fans,

This is the final week of JH/Y football and JH volleyball. Youth volleyball has a home game Thursday and their final game next Monday. HS football is home for the next 4 weeks. I need some game workers on Thursday and Saturday. This week's events follow:

Monday, Sept. 28: G day (periods 3-7) **Eligibility warning list**
HS football JV @ Greybull at 5:45pm (the bus leaves at 2:15pm)

Tuesday, Sept. 29: A day (periods 1-5)
Youth football vs. RJFL at 6pm
Game Workers: HS football team

Wednesday, Sept. 30: B day (periods 6-3)
Ineligible list is finalized by 3:40pm

Thursday, Oct. 1: C day (periods 4-1)
JH football @ Riverside JH at 4pm, Youth scrimmage after JH game (the bus leaves at 1:15pm)

Youth volleyball vs Worland at 4:30 and 5:30pm
Game workers: clock--Sally Michelena book--Amy Mason lines--Sabrina Thoren, Teresa DeWitt
COVID Screener: I need someone
Concessions: 2nd Grade
Admin on Duty: Andrea Gilbertson

Friday, Oct. 2:
HS volleyball @ Riverside Quad at 11am, 2:30pm and 6pm (the bus leaves at 8:15am)
JV plays at the listed times, followed by varsity.

Saturday, Oct. 3:
HS volleyball @ Kemmerer at 10am (the bus leaves at 6am)
**Each athlete is allowed 4 family members as spectators** 10 minutes before the 1st match, more people will be allowed into the gym; up to the 250 spectator limit

JH volleyball @ Dubois Triangular at 11am (the bus leaves at 8:30am)

Youth football vs. Lander at 12:30pm
Game workers: HS football team

HS football vs. Pine Bluffs at 2pm
Game Workers: clock--I need someone announcer--Marty Weber chains--Shawnna Gibbel, Heather Goss and I need 1 more
COVID Screener: John Gibbel
Concessions: I need a group to pick this up (youth game at 12:30)
Admin. on Duty: Christina Mills

Have a great week and GO WRANGLERS!!!

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Kay Watson

Kay Watson , 2 days ago

Shoshoni School will be participating in the Great American Shake-Out on October 15th. Each year, hundreds of earthquakes occur in and around Wyoming. Taking steps now to prepare our school, your family and home will help mitigate the effects of moderate to severe earth shaking.

Aftann Kisling

Aftann Kisling , 2 days ago

Title I Round Table Discussion #1~ We hope you can join us on Wednesday, September 30th at 2:30pm at the SRD building!

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