Shoshoni schools are three schools in one. In some ways we are three separate schools:

  • Shoshoni Elementary (Pre-K–6)
  • Shoshoni Jr. High School (7–8)
  • Shoshoni High School (9–12)

But in most ways, we are one school, one community, one family. Our tight-knit group of students, parents, and staff work together to bring about an outstanding 21st-century education.


Our littlest students must be three years old by September 15 of the year they wish to attend school.

Though it might look like all we do is play, play, play, our little wranglers are learning important social skills (such as taking turns and expressing feelings) as well as to recognize letters and even some sounds. They are learning to write their names and to recognize numbers. Playing with play dough strengthens hand muscles so they can learn to write, or they might be having fun learning to cut with child-safe scissors.

It’s all fun and games, and it’s all a learning experience. If you would like more information, please visit our Little Wranglers Early Learning Center page.


Our kindergarten through sixth-grade elementary school students enjoy daily learning in classrooms with a low teacher-to-student ratio. The fundamentals of learning to read in the early years translate into reading to learn in the later elementary years. Math changes from numbers on a page to concepts for life. Character skills develop, and children learn that they are all important members of our community.

Principal: Andrea Gilbertson
Phone: (307) 876-2563
Fax: (307) 876-2542


The secondary school years begin with the insecurities of adolescence that leads to a transformation into strong and capable individuals. By meeting challenging academics and being involved in club activities and sports, Shoshoni secondary students move even closer to their goals of higher learning or the workplace and take their place as outstanding citizens in our community.

Principal: Christina Mills
Phone: (307) 876-2576
Fax: (307) 876-9325

School Protein Enhancement Project

We are seeking donations of beef and pork to enhance the school lunch program. The program is designed to introduce school-aged children to local producers by consuming locally raised meats. For detailed information, please view our flyer about the school protein enhancement project.

Laptop Computers

We are committed to the use of technology as a tool to enhance the curriculum and learning opportunities for our students and staff members. All secondary students receive an assigned laptop to use during the school year. They use it in class and at home to access school messages, announcements, calendars, and schedules as well as Internet websites for enhanced learning.