Mrs. Mason wanted to update you on ACT testing. ACT testing is not being required this year by the Wyoming Department of Education. However, any students who would like to take their Math or English class for college credit next year, will need to take the ACT exam. Also, ACT scores are still being required for the Hathaway Scholarship when students graduate.

As of right now, it looks like we will be able to offer an ACT exam on June 2nd at Shoshoni High School. (seat capacity of 10 students)

There might be another option for an ACT exam on July 18th. We might be able to offer an exam at Shoshoni or CWC might be able to provide an ACT test. (However, CWC is not set in stone because they have already cancelled the June 13th test date that was going to be offered).

**If you want to take the ACT exam on June 2nd you must email Mrs. Mason amason@fremont24.com or call the school by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 12th. I have to place an order for the tests the following morning.

*At this time, for the June 2nd test date, we will only be able to test the first 10 students who reply. If that testing capacity changes, we will let you know.

*If you do not need an ACT score for any of your classes next year, I will still be able to set you up with a testing voucher to take a free ACT exam next year. We can get these vouchers set up in the fall.